Adi Be’simcha

Helping women and children under domestic violence since 2020

Who Was Adi?

Adi – the son of Michal Sayas, the founder of B’Simcha, loved working and interacting with children.

Adi unexpectedly passed away at 20. Michal decided to honor Adi’s memory by naming this branch of B’Simcha in his name. It is true to his name

What We Do

Adi B’Simcha is dedicated to helping children and women under domestic violence rebuild their lives. Adi B’Simcha provides mentorship programs, counseling services, and financial assistance to help those in need move forward with their lives. 

We assist those facing domestic violence to reach physical safety, financial freedom, and psychological well-being. We empower them to become independent and break free from destructive cycles of violence. 


Are you facing domestic abuse?

The first thing to know is that you are not alone. Our goal is to be able to assist you from removing yourself from a dangerous situation all the way to achieving mental and financial freedom. We want you to be able to take charge of your life and create a future for yourself.

Psychological Support

You do not deserve the abuse you are receiving. You deserve a life free of violence and unhappiness. We will help you get back on your feet, heal, and start anew.

Adi B’Simcha provides psychologists to help women process the trauma and assist them in understanding their feelings and how to cope with them. We also provide mentors who help guide victims through the process of recovery and self-empowerment.

Financial Help


It’s difficult to know what steps to take when faced with a difficult home situation. We will guide you on your journey to physical and financial freedom through legal assistance with our network of subsidized attorneys. 

We will assist you in finding work to help you become financially independent this is the last starting step to building a future that is free from fear and violence and full of opportunity.


Need help? We're here for you

If you are capable of helping us, we are thankful. If you or your family have been struggling in any way, it is our turn to help you. We invite you to fill out our “I Need Help” form and be as descriptive as possible about your situation. Your application will then be personally reviewed by our team. If we think we can help you, you will hear from us soon. No one should have to live in unhappiness and uncertainty. At Be’Simcha, we’re here to give you a reason to hope again!