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For Our Sponsors and Supporters

Be’Simcha is staffed by dreamers of big dreams, people with plenty of love to give and faith that can move mountains.

However, we know that together we will achieve more and are always looking for like-minded individuals who will share our passion for providing hope and joy to those in need of support. Everything that we do is made possible by individuals just like yourself who are able to generously give to provide impoverished families with the daily necessities that allow them to focus their hearts and dreams on the future. We always appreciate monetary donations, but the gift of your time is cherished every bit as much by our team and by the families that we support on a daily basis. 

When You Need Assistance

The light in our life is our ability to help those who are in desperate need of aid, and we encourage you to reach out to us with your requests.

Do not be concerned that you will be judged or found less than. Our primary objective with Be’Simcha is to provide mental, physical and emotional nourishment to families and individuals in need. Please take a moment to fill out our “I Need Help” form and describe your needs as accurately as possible. Our team of caring individuals takes the time to read each application to ensure that we are able to help as many families as possible. Once your application has been reviewed, we will be in touch soon with details on how we may assist you in your time of need. No one deserves to be alone in uncertainty and unhappiness.

At Be'Simcha, we’re here to give you a reason to hope again! 

Need help? We're here for you.